Follow the money


Here we go again with another political warfare. PolitRics as usual. With all the uproar of a potential war between The U.S.A  and North Korea, I had to remind myself of something very important about our history.

If you take a walk down memory lane, you will notice that whenever there was a war, most importantly, innocent lives were loss. Secondly, patriotism soared (as politicians would have it). Lastly, many people became wealthy.

The last one is what I want to touch on today. Yes, it is true; many companies make millions of dollars from war engagement. From aerospace to shoe lace manufacturing, it is a big business deal.

Yes, I feel like you; how can you be blogging about profiting from war? Isn’t that what the wealthy crooks do?


The proper questions are: Have they ever been called out for their wrongdoing? Who have suffered the most from war engagement the wealthy or everyone else? What about the families of military victims who sent their loved ones into harms way and were not able to return? What about the men and women who were fortunate enough to return, but returned to a broken home due to PTSD or some other disorder?

I totally agree we need to defend ourselves against all threats to our safety, however, as I last checked, we have been our own worst enemy right in our own homeland.

There are more than enough issues with poverty that leads to the crime we have all become numb to. There is more than enough issues with health and not enough awareness of financial literacy. I personally believe that the cure to our health issues rest well within our ability to be able to properly afford coverage or treatment.

We all have our issues and that is what make us all apart of the bigger picture. We need solutions to our problems. I didn’t even mention the lack of improper education that engages our youth in all things grand and small. Instead of being “daycare for big children”, we should be supporting our youth’s ideas and providing them with the resources, educationally, that helps them accomplish their dreams not ours.

Not everyone want to be a doctor or lawyer. We could use more vibrant writers and/or authors today or highly intelligent people with physical skills such as carpenters or mechanics. I hear people say all the time that entreprenuers will solve the problems of the world. I totally agree.

Our history reminds me of this. Take people such as, Ida B. Wells, James Baldwin, or William Faulkner for example, who spoke their minds and helped us all visually see ways we could impact our spaces.

Needless to say, whether you are inspiring to be any of the professions I have mentioned or others we all need financial intelligence. We all need to understand compound interest and the reward from long term investing. We all need to engage in more dialogue among one another about potential investment opportunities that can benefit us all collectively.

No, I am not saying that engaging in war is the right investment strategy. However, I am saying that companies like Goodyear or IBM contribute to the war just as well as any other company that is out there. The proper terminology for this example is called war profiteering.

The question is how many different companies are benefiting from war? I would suggest you Google that question. You may be surprised by what you find.

However, I want to leave you with some companies that I have researched. These companies have a healthy track record and low debt (they don’t owe many people; good for investment security)  so it may be time for you to add them to your portfolio.

  1. Lockheed Martin is a global security company engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems and products. Listed under the Industrials sector.
  2. General Dynamics Corp is an aerospace and defense company. It offers products and services in business aviation including combat vehicles, weapons systems and munitions, shipbuilding, and communication and information technology services and solutions. Listed under the Industrials sector.
  3. Raytheon Co offers contractual services to the US defense sector. It operates through five segments: Integrated Defense Systems, Intelligence and Information, Missilie Systems, Space and Airborne Systems, and a Cybersecurity business branded forcepoint.

Just remember that politics are big games for rich people. The media is owned by rich people so most of the things they report on has an agenda that support aligning the pockets of the owners. All that we can do is focus on ways to intelligently engage in this debacle since their pockets and the future of their children is all that matters.

To the people who have family members enlisted within our military system, you are in my prayers. To us all, I ask that you consider leveraging your situation with some of this incite I have provided you with.




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