What are your intentions?

Times are hard. Trouble seems endless, however nothing will ruin you more other than giving up. There are so many stories to my life that I want to share with the world, only if you will loan me your time.

I think about all the times when I shared my ideas with other people and many only brushed it to the side. Today I want to say thank you to those individuals because I never quit.

I can recall times when I needed to get from one destination to another and didn’t have transportation. Someone was always available to be a transporter and I want to take the time to thank those people.

I remember wanting to quit trying some days because hope seen lost, however I always found the courage to press on.

The point I’m making is when I have put in the effort to overcome my challenges, I always came out as a winner. I believe it is due to the energy I put into my efforts, which in return was the energy I received from those efforts.

One thing for sure is if you don’t give your purpose some effort it will never become reality. The best part about this journey is you are never along and someone or something will always be there to push you forward so as long as that was your intentions.



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