The experience

Most days we wake up and go along with the breeze or flow of the day. Whatever “fire” we are battling, it naturally seems like we know how to extinguish the blaze. Many people call it different names, however, I prefer to call it experience. 

Believe it or not everything that you are capable of doing, you have already conquered or experienced it before. When I first began to follow my passion of becoming an author, I was nervous as could be. Many questions overtook my mind: Would I be capable of doing it? Would people be interested in my content?

I later came to the conclusion that I was the best person for the job. My wife tells me all the time “I am long winded and I rarely meet a stranger.” That was more than enough assurance, other than my personal reminiscence I do throughout my day.

Fast forward several years, I am now the author of my first book and I am floored by my accomplishment. So today and in the day to come, whatever you are on the edge about, go for it. In most cases, you will either succeed with a finished product or you will endure a training course, either way you will succeed.

If you have not gotten your copy of “Turning  the Tables Forward” you can click on the link or

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Peace and blessing



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