Three ways to help you balance work and life.

Over the years I have learned that time is a precious commodity. I remember waking up early in the morning to go to work and giving it all I have just to look forward to getting off. When I was able to go home, I had the expectation that I was going home to rest, however, this was not the case for me.

What really occurred when I made it home; responsibility. Even though my mindset was to go home and get plenty of rest to tackle the next day challenge, that current day was not over. I’m a husband and father so when I make it home I have to take off one hat and put on another hat, in most instances, multiple hats.

Everyone wants to share their highlights of the day and I vice versa. So imagine trying to talk with my wife and every so many seconds we are interrupted by our children. Then, as I transition to exploring the day my children experienced, time shows me that after we are all caught up, it is time for bed. Where did that precious gift go? So today, I have put together this article to help you figure out how to get the most of every day.

1. Make contact with your family as often as possible.

I remember when I was working ten hour days, I always complained about how much time I was spending away from my family. As I transitioned into a job that was only eight hours a day, I realized that was also a long time to be away from my family. I then concluded that I needed to make contact with my family as often as I could. In the era of the internet, it is somewhat soothing to know that your family is normally one call away. Furthermore, video phone calls has now become a new norm for my family and I. That way, when they have questions about where I am, I can show them and explain to them what it is I am doing. I have also learned that with all the social media apps available, they allow us to take creative pictures and share laughs with each other all day bridging the gap of distance and time. Now when I arrive home, we can have dinner together, and enjoy laughs from our interaction throughout the day. So consider making contact with your family as often as possible, even if its a simple picture of the day.

2. Focus on resolving your problems by getting creative.

Responsibility normally out ways your time. There is so much to do throughout the day like cleaning the house, finishing your work project, balancing your finances, or whatever. I have learned that most of our responsibilities revolve around prioritization. Prioritizing seems very obvious as a solution, however, most people have a difficult time sticking to it. Furthermore, most people, unconsciously, confuse prioritizing with procrastination. Let me be clear, there is a difference between the two, needless to say, let us focus on prioritizing. The best thing I have benefited from in my lifetime is my imagination. It has fueled me every step of the way and provided me with comfort even when I did not feel comfortable doing certain things. I have adopted the concept that not all things are made for that particular moment. So when things such as responsibility fall in your lap access the details. Is there a deadline? Are there other parties involved? What is the domino effect or ratio? These answers and others depends on your need. For example, today may be a good day for you to thoroughly, clean your home since it is bug season or maybe you are looking to make a big purchase which will require some finances, no matter what your situation is it can always be organized and prioritized. Something that I do in particular, is keep a little notebook in my pocket to take notes on things that pop in my mind all of a sudden. This allows me to transfer this information into my “responsibility log” and work on solutions. This also allows my to not be overloaded with thoughts, which is highly important for a success imagination. So consider ways to prioritize your day and take plenty notes so you don’t forget anything.

3. Don’t talk about it be about it.

The amazing thing about life is that we are all dreamers. We all see our lives in ways that we believe to be nonexistent. However, dreams come true everyday. The question to ask yourself, “Are my dreams becoming reality?” As my family grow older and my responsibility increase, I have to remind myself to limit discussions pertaining our issues. Yes, we address our challenges and put in place end goals that allow us to reach our conclusion, however, we respectfully, do not wear the issues on our sleeves. This helps keep the moral in the household and business in place. Through the years, I have been in settings where all we did were focus on the results. To add to this, I have also been in situations where the results were understood and we focused on having fun while achieving the goal. I prefer the latter of the two. I have said on many occasions, “people prefer to have leaders over bosses.” Not that there is anything wrong with being associated with either, as I will explain in more detail in an up and coming article, however, if you can recall most successful bosses never refer to themselves as someone’s boss. The reason being is they see themselves equal to everyone that work with them, not for them. So during morning preparations, they are focused on getting ready for their day, as you are. They show their team the progress that has been made according to the goal. They also highlight the areas of opportunities, however, they do not waste time reminding you of the goal every time you all cross paths. This allows everyone to feel a since of pride and accomplishment. So remember to make your goals known and leave them as understood as you make progress towards accomplishing them.

The reason for this article is to show you how I have been able to work and enjoy life’s luxuries without sacrificing the other. I hope that you can evaluate your situation and use these examples to help you build your empire. Remember to remain in continuous contact with your loved ones, use your imagination more, and be about what ever that it may be for you.


Justin Johnson, founder of Act Now Institution


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