Who cares!!

With everything that is going on in society today, it’s easy to turn the other cheek. That has been the norm, for many of us, way too long. 

There is so much hatred towards one another and everything and everybody is self-centered. Statements such as “that’s not my problem” or ” I have my own issues” are way too familiar these days. 

Where is the love for human life and rights? When did another person’s  issue not become an issue for all?  Where is the outcry of people that are in favor humanitarian living? There seems to be less love for our neighbor.

To me, being an humanitarian only require us to love others as much as we love ourselves. When did this change? 

Why are we so concern about the negative being of others and don’t care to spread positivity? There are way too many starving children and so many members of families that result to negativity just to keep there families together. Does the movie “John Q” mean anything anymore? 

Are we that selfish that we only care to stand on others backs, instead of standing together? It seems as if we are all fighting to be in that “1%” instead of forcing them to be apart of the 99%. Last I check the majority holds the power but we can’t even have these dicussions because of all this division.

I don’t know much and I sure am not proclaiming to be “holier than thou.” It is just time for us to continue building bridges of love and opportunity. We need to help one another as often as we can, without seeking praise from others for having a heart.

We should be organizing our own democracy so that it works for everyone. Why are we not in uproar over these missing women and children here and abroad? Why do we not seem to care that money should be for all and not only for those who have the knowledge? Has anyone even paid attention to the rape allegations lately? 

When did women become this figure of lust and not the fountain of the world. She birth this earth from her womb only to have it turn on her. Despicable.

These are questions that we should be asking ourselves. If you dare to answer these questions then take a stance and stand up for your rights. 

Enough is enough.



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