Trust in the Process

Today I woke up with drive in my body and determination in my heart. On this rainy day in southern Mississippi I could see nothing but sun shine, but why? Because there is no greater filling than assurance.

A week ago my family and I started our garden. With every seed we planted, we planted a little bit of love as fertilizer. Today as we woke going on with our normal routines, my wife noticed that our greens are beginning to sprout.

We were under the impression that this could take several weeks to grow. I’m here to tell you that all seasons know when it is time to change. We are the one’s who can’t figure this out.

From this small gesture of growth, I am much more determined and focus. As I apply this to the physical rim, I am reminded that if you believe in the formula you will see the harvest from the seeds you plant.

On today, I want to encourage you to continue to sow new seeds of opportunity. Don’t be fearful of the blessings that are out there for you. God knows when it is best for you to have these gifts that you dream about. Remain loyal to your cause and in due time your harvest will begin to grow.

– Shawn


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