3 Things I am not

In the current technology era, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. From time to time it is good to remind yourself of who you are. While you may not be where you destine to be the expedition to your current state of being hasn’t been easy to get to, either. 

Remind yourself of some things you regret and use it as leverage for your new journey. Today I created three things that I am not so that I give more energy to the things I am:

1. I am not a person of fable tales.

We’ve all met people along the way that seems to have things in order. When you cross paths of engagement, one of the first things they offer “Call me if you need anything.” Your going through the motion and could use some assistance and you reach out to them only to be denied access to their information. “I wish there was something I could do, sorry to hear that” or “I know how it is, you going to be alright.” For me, statements like this leaves me even more clueless than I was before I asked you.

Instead of fable tales that leads no where, I am here to encourage you to remain honest. I can tell you I don’t have all the answers to your situation. That is what makes it unique to you. Discover what the root of the problem is and do something about it, as I did. Honesty with people allows them to see you as human and not a super power, which the world needs more of.

2. I am not a follower.

We all know that trends will forever be popular. We all have a need to want to be “excepted” by the cool kids. Everyday we run to social media for validation; likes and shares. Only to found out that this is the new way of being accepted in the crowd you are chasing.

Instead, focus on your own validation. Set some daily goals for yourself and as you achieve them, celebrate yourself. Do something for your small accomplishments and that doesn’t mean tricking at the bar or splurging on the mall. Maybe a well prepared dinner or just time to reflect on your achievements.

Which leads to my last point;

3. I don’t need a lot to be happy.

Have you ever been strolling through your timeline to see all the love, smiles, and happiness in the air? Don’t be misled, a picture is worth a thousand looks. The only person who knows the full story is the cameraman.  

That is why I enjoy the gifts I have and I allow life to be my camerman. When I cross paths with people, honesty and joy in me allows them to see that I am enjoying life. No picture can validate that more. 

I choose to allow my imagination to be my biggest gift, other than my faith and I use it to spread joy throughout my house and with everything I encounter.

Your story may be like mines or it could be completely different. Just remember that the more you focus on who/what you are, the more it is likely you will be the total opposite of your past. That’s a good thing. The only way to move forward is by looking in that direction. This means ready to embrace new challenges and forgetting those negative traits that slowed you down.

Be blessed.

Justin K. Johnson


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