Appetite: Corny

Be a can in a world of cannot;

Seek to have when everybody else have not.

Be encouraged when situations make you doubt;

Become better within, when the outside image is not giving you a definite out.


Build income instead of self-hate;

Allow success to be your exit gate.

Happiness is the only real solution;

It is fueled through love which pilots this inclusion.

Image result for corny

Embrace your struggle without fear;

When you come out victorious many will want to hear.

This journey is about building each other up;

Allow your haters to even have a cup.


Enjoy the victory you have accomplished,

But don’t become idle, there are many detours to make you subtle.

Never forget what you have outlasted;

Your future just may include a movie cast.


Continue to reach and climb,

And most importantly, remember to include The Most Divine.


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