How are you motivated


Some people motivate themselves through music. Some people are motivated through daily routines or rituals. However you choose your motivation, the key is to engage in a daily conversation with yourself to motivate you for whatever task that you may find in your life.

Preparation is highly critical. It determines your results for better or worse. One mistake that I have experienced is feeling as if I did not prepare enough. Imagine yourself on the big stage performing and you forget your lines. Imagine being on that same stage and forgetting the play call. However you view it, it could be said that preparation was the synopsis of this scenario. Furthermore, depending on whether you prepared enough, it could determine if your career will progress.

As I look back over my life, I can recall times I did not feel prepared enough and life still happened, regardless. I will go a step further and tell you that it will continue to happen. Life is about getting the best of it. This means that during your trials and tribulations you have to allow them to influence you to be better. What has motivated me is revisiting my past and paying attention to the details.

Detail is important because it is what set you apart from the next individual. If it was not for detail that would make us all qualified to do the same tasks. Regardless of my arrogance telling me that I can do all things as any other man or woman; the truth is I may not want to put in the time to prepare myself for everything man capable. That equates to a constant tiredness and a lot of unnecessary work.

In most cases, I am willing to pay someone for a particular skill or skill set. These individuals dedicated their time and livelihood to perfecting their craft, such as, a mechanic or doctor. In contrast, the skills I possess are due to the preparation and dedication I provided to make me an expert in my respective, career.

I believe every “no” I received was only a reminder for me to remain on the course of my journey because I would embrace the many “yes” responses that I have and will receive.

I see preparation as another term for show time. As long as I prepare myself for the journey that is to come, directly or indirectly, I will always be ready to perform.  This will serve true for relationships, parenting, job interviews, or any situation that you encounter. As your journey continues, remember to revisit your journey. Whether you believe it or not, you may already be an expert in the challenge you are faced with.


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