Get your house in order

In the middle of every storm, there is always a memorable moment. I can recall the times of my childhood. Whenever there was a storm coming, I would look up to the sky and notice how everything would be taking its place as the sky was getting ready to perform. You could notice the clouds as they would be scattering to its location getting ready for the performance as if it was rehearsed. The trees would be as the audience, chattering and full of movement until the  show or storm was center stage. Then out of nowhere, there was always this pause right before the curtains were drawn, and finally, action, the show began.

Life is similar in a sense. It is always constantly reminding us of the memorable moments to come. I have learned that when the universe is hitting you from different angles, life is about to take you on a journey that cannot be explained. Life also has a way of telling you that you will appreciate the effort and struggle that led to your breakthrough.

Today is a good day to enjoy the memorable struggle. Prepare yourself for the performance that lies ahead and have a good laugh or even a fresh breath of air. The best part about the show is you. You are the main character.


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