Meaningful Thoughts

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Looking in the mirror has many advantages. It allows you to examine your appearance, including personal grooming, hair/makeup, and wardrobe. It also allows you to examine your body for wellness and weight. Something that the mirror also does is give you different vantage points and images.

Daily, I am in the mirror preparing for my day and today I did not have the confidence I normally have. As I was looking in the mirror, one thing that kept at my spirit was how the mirror only shows what you allow it to see. No matter the mode I was in, the image on the other side could not have known, unless I showed it or made it obvious.

What I decided at the point was to live my life as the image on the other side  of the mirror. It may seem redundant, but life is about what you put into it.  By making up in my mind, I was going to put my best image forward, I am even more prepared for the greatness I am becoming.

What happens to the negative thoughts? They whither away.

As you are getting ready for your day, review yourself and allow the best version of you to walk away from that review. In the end, you are not your image, but you are definitely your thoughts. Stay positive and focus on what you can do. The universe only needs your best image.


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