Being Unapologetically Human.

Unapologetic by definition means not expressing regret. In order to embrace you, you have to have the understanding of being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. To draw a contrast, by no way am I implying that you should be rude or disrespectful. What being the best version of you creates is a more perfect world. In its not so perfect stages, you have to embrace its differences. We are all uniquely created to spread love and kindness in different shapes and forms. We must allow our differences to mold us into perfection.

My favorite type of people would be the people that has a sense of humor, or goofy, some may say. I enjoy how they are always willing to be themselves no matter what anyone thinks of them. If something is funny, you can be sure that they will laugh about it, whether you find it funny or not. This small gift is only a fraction of the powerful gift this group of people carry. I believe that because of my encounter with people carrying this trait, I am a better person as it relates to embracing personalities. Our personalities are the bridges of every relationship. One bad bridge can end the journey of many adventures.

I have learned a few things about what it means to embrace other people’s gift as I strive to be a better person every day. A quote I use daily is “today is the perfect day to do things different than yesterday.” I believe that if I, first, seek to understand me then I can impact someone else is a positive way. I challenge you to be “unapologetic” today and allow someone to be a blessing to you and you act as a blessing to someone else.



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